NEWS UPDATE:  July 2015  It's finished!  All twelve tracks are mixed and they are now being mastered in Toronto.  The CD package is designed (the cover is on the right) and the printing will start once the mastered disc is delivered.  I am hoping to release the new album on this website as well as CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon within the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for the big announcement.  And while you are visiting, what do you think of my new website?  Let me know by sending me a comment, or a suggestion to make it better.  Write to me at:   alan@squishymusic.com



I am a Canadian songwriter and producer with my own recording studio.  Click on the different sections across the top of this page:  Listen is where you can hear my music, Music Store is where you can buy it and The Studio has info about my recording studio and the rates for musicians who want to come by.  There are lots of photos and some news and reviews as well.  Finally, under Bio, there is some personal info about me and my background. 

My small studio is ideal for any singer/songwriter or duo who want to record their own songs, or other people's music, or maybe put down some backing tracks for live performances.  I offer a comfortable, modern environment, excellent equipment and a great sounding end-result. 

If you want to send me a message, enquire about using the studio, or give me feedback on the music, write to me at: alan@squishymusic.com.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the music.  Alan


It's almost ready! Here's the cover.....

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