June 2015:  At last, the new CD is nearly finished. It's been three years between albums and the time in-between involved changing countries, quitting work (forever!), settling in to a new house in a new town - and designing and building my new recording studio. Once the studio was up and working, I started writing. Then I hit the "record" button and things started happening.

There are twelve original songs on the new CD; ten are brand new and two I have re-arranged and re-recorded as I was never happy with the original versions. I have finished eleven tracks so far with one left to go. Then it's on to mixing and mastering. It should be ready for release sometime in October 2015.

Along with the new CD release, I am going to completely redesign this website. Oi, there's so much to do!  But stay tuned, I'll be updating this page a few times between now and the release date.


Welcome!  I am a Canadian singer, songwriter and producer with my own recording studio.  I learned to play the acoustic guitar as a teenager and started performing first on my own, then in a trio, and finally in a rock and roll cover band.  I've been writing and recording my own songs for a long time and, in 2008, I released my first CD.  Since then, I've released five CDs (all recorded in my own studio) and the most recent, Forever, is available in both CD and MP3 formats. 


I record everything on a MacPro using Logic Pro X software and I play all the instruments and sing all the vocals.  I don't perform live much anymore as I much prefer to write and produce music.  I would classify my music as easy listening pop but I've also written dance, country and instrumentals.  I welcome enquiries from recording artists and publishing companies looking for original songs or themes.


If you want to send me a message, give me feedback on the music, or even give me an idea for a new song, write to me at: alan@squishymusic.com.



Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy the music.  Aj