Here we go again!  Alan's brand new song, You're My Perfect Day, was a semi-finalist in the prestigious "Song of the Year 2013 " contest.  Here's what the judges said: "The Song of the Year contest has awarded Alan Jarvis the Semi-Finalist placement in the song contest.  Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Semi-Finalist placement the songwriting competition."


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This is the second time Alan has received recognition in the "Song of the Year" competition.  Last year, the title song from his latest CD Forever was a ruuner-up in the contest.  Alan says, "I am delighted that another song has been recognized in this way.  You're My Perfect Day is the first song I have completed from a new album that I am working on.  I'll release more info on the new CD on my website in the coming weeks so stay tuned!"



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Here's what Skope Magazine says about Alan's latest CD, Forever.  "Easy listening fans would appreciate the sound, melody and lyrical matter of Forever.  The production is well done and shows that Jarvis has pecked his way through his software.  It is cleanly produced and pristine without sounding like a heavy-handed approach was used on post-production.  For fans of the genre, feel free to consume en masse."



The title song from Alan's latest CD, "Forever", was awarded the "Runner Up" placement in the prestigious "Song of the Year Contest 2012".

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Here's what the judges said about the song:  "The 'Runner Up' placement shows that "Forever" received extremely high scores and was found to be competitive with the winning songs. Only the top writers receive this placement."


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In May 2012, Alan released his fifth CD, Forever.  There are 12 original songs and independent reviewers say this is a very commercial album.  It's a mix of catchy pop, dance and country with Alan playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals.  The CD clearly showcases Alan as a talented songwriter and arranger.


"It takes me about a year to write, record and mix a CD," says Alan.  "I have a full-time job so I only get into my studio at weekends and over holidays.  I'm continually learning new things about songwriting, arranging and recording and my personal target is to make each new CD better than the last one.  I'm hoping these 12 new songs attract the attention of established recording artists and music publishers."


As with his previous albums, Alan engaged industry veteran Jon Astley to master the Forever CD.  Jon is based in London, England and his clients include Pete Townsend, The Who, George Harrison, Tears For Fears and Led Zeppelin.  Visit Jon's website to learn more:


Forever is available as a CD (with full colour booklet and lyrics) or MP3 download:

RadioIndy is playing Alan's music!  Fans of Alan's music can now go to the RadioIndy site, sign up as a listener and enjoy free music from Alan and your other favourite artists all day long.  Visit Alan's RadioIndy page at:

Review by A&R dept of A&R Select, West Hollywood, CA 

Alan Jarvis may call this "squishy" but it sure sounds sharp to us. Deep in the fun-rock vein of Steve Miller "Moonlight Everywhere" starts guitar happy on "No Sitting Down", a blast with bar-band vibe. Other highlights are the surprising "The End"  and the softly bouncy "How In Love We Used to Be". Aesthetically the only issue is the black and white CD cover which is rather hard to read. A minor speed bump, though, on a long road of nicely crafted music.

Talented singer/songwriter/musician, Alan Jarvis, releases another wonderful Adult Contemporary CD, "Moonlight Everywhere".  Jarvis is certainly a one man band as he not only wrote this entire album, but he also sings and performs all instruments on it.    Jarvis also mixes up the styles on his album as you will hear ballads, instrumentals, and even Pop/Dance grooves.  Starting up the album, the song, "No Sitting Down", catches your ears with its bouncy beat and fun loving lyrics.  The instrumental, "Time Machine", has a soothing melodic melody that flows with a magical tonality.  The title track, "Moonlight Everywhere", swirls with surgery vocals and charming lyrics.  The instrumental, "Clouds", is a beautiful ballad featuring Jarvis deftly playing the soft and delicate piano with an emotive ambiance while the angelic strings gently cascade around the sweet melody.  If you are looking for easy listening music that is fresh and original, then you will thoroughly enjoy the fantastic songs on the album, "Moonlight Everywhere". (5 out of 5 stars)

In 2011, Alan released his fourth CD, Moonlight Everywhere.  The 16 original tracks are a mix of pop, dance and instrumentals.  Alan plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals.  The album was mastered by Jon Astley in London, England.  

Moonlight Everywhere is available as a physical CD (with full colour booklet and lyrics) or MP3 download:  

I love "Feathers" so much that I thought no new album could beat it and....Alan made it!!  Wonderful, original, emotional music created by an exceptional artist who is also an exceptional person I have got the chance to meet personally!  Just close your eyes and listen.  Alan's music will make you fly around the world....and you will feel as if you could be....everywhere!

Alan's third CD, Feathers, was released in 2010.  This album has eight of his own songs plus seven well-known cover tunes offering a mix of up-tempo numbers and beautiful ballads.

Feathers is available as a physical CD (with full colour booklet and lyrics) or MP3 dowload:

Customer Review:  (5 out of 5 stars)  Feathers is the best Alan Jarvis production yet!  I've already listened to the entire CD twice, and tracks 3, 6 and 13 more than twice.  It's just perfect to chill out and listen to when you need to relax and unwind.  LOVE IT!