Alan's brand new CD is here!  Forever has 12 original songs and independent reviewers agree this is a very commercial album.  It's a mix of catchy pop, dance and country with Alan playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals.  The CD clearly showcases Alan as a talented songwriter and arranger.


The title song has been awarded the "Runner Up" placement in the prestigious "Song of the Year Contest".  Here's what the judges said about the song: "The 'Runner Up' placement shows that Forever received extremely high scores and was found to be competitive with the winning songs.  Only the top writers receive this placement." 


This CD is great to listen to when you are driving, sitting in the sunshine, or with friends around the BBQ.  After just a couple of plays, you'll find yourself singing along.  The arrangements are professional and the vocals and harmonies are tight.  Overall, this is a very polished and mainstream CD.  Give it a listen. 


A FREE GIFT... If you purchased "Forever" as a download, here is the full colour pack to make your own CD.  This file contains the colour booklet with photos and lyrics, the back and inside pages of the jewel case and the CD disc design.  Simply print the file, cut out the pieces, insert them into an empty jewel case and you have the whole CD!  



Moonlight Everywhere

Alan's fourth CD was released in 2011.  Every track is original and the songs range from the opening rocker No Sitting Down, to the beautiful ballad In The End.  In between are dance club grooves, pop songs with catchy choruses and This Dance (The Wedding Song), a wedding song for the bride and groom's first dance.  The production is top notch, the harmonies are crisp and it's a great collection of enjoyable music.


Alan's third CD was released in 2010.  It's straight up easy listening with 8 original songs and 7 covers, including beautiful tunes by Bob Dylan, Beth Nielsen Chapman and America.  The production is full and sweeping with acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and strings and multi-part harmonies.